We study how cells adapt at the molecular level, focusing on the process of translation of cellular genetic information into protein molecules. Our analyses extend from the near-instantaneous cellular responses to environmental stress to the multi-million-year evolutionary divergence of species.

Our research concentrates on massive assembly of proteins and RNA in response to changes in the cellular environment. We exploit our biological discoveries by engineering self-assembling molecules to do useful work.

Our paper on adaptive phase separation is out!

Posted 09 Mar 2017 by Allan

Haneul passed her first committee meeting with colors a-flying, so she’s on her way to a doctorate!

Posted 13 Feb 2017 by Allan

She’s official! Haneul passed her prelim in Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics.

Posted 02 Sep 2016 by Allan

Cat and Allan preview new results on Heat Shock Factor 1 from the Denic lab in Molecular Cell.

Posted 07 Jul 2016 by Allan
Published 09 Mar 2017
Heat Shock Factor 1: from fire chief to crowd-control specialist
Triandafillou and Drummond Molecular Cell 2016
Published 07 Jul 2016
Published 05 Aug 2015
Dying mRNA tells a story of its life
Wallace and Drummond Cell 2015
Published 04 Jun 2015