Hendrik wins F30
22 Jan 2021 by Sammy

Congratulations to Hendrik for being awarded an NIH NRSA F30 via the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for his project, “Understanding mRNA condensation and its role in translational control during stress”!

Kyle wins the Grier Prize
18 Dec 2020 by Sammy

Congratulations to Kyle for winning the Grier Prize (for Innovative Research in the Biophysical Sciences) for his project, “How immune cells transduce fever.” The purpose of the prize is to support UChicago Biophysics students who seek to develop new areas of research that may involve high risk or require development of new technology.

Rosalind wins Liew Fellowship
11 Dec 2020 by Sammy

Congratulations to undergraduate Rosalind Pan for winning the Liew Fellowship! Her project is titled “Alignment-free evolutionary analysis of unalignable protein sequences.”

Sammy wins F31
17 Aug 2020 by Sammy

Sammy was awarded an NIH NRSA F31 via the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for her project “Cellular stress sensing via biomolecular condensation”! Congratulations to Sammy!

Hsf1 and pH paper accepted
07 Aug 2020 by dad

Our paper on how intracellular pH regulates the heat shock response was just accepted at eLife. Congratulations to Cat and the team!

Cat Triandafillou defends her thesis
08 Jun 2020 by dad

Cat successfully defended her thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Triandafillou, for groundbreaking discoveries about how intracellular pH regulates the heat shock transcription factor!

Jared wins Helen Hay Whitney fellowship
05 Nov 2019 by dad

Congratulations to postdoc Dr. Jared Bard on winning a prestigious Helen Hay Whitney fellowship!

Haneul wins F31
17 Apr 2019 by hy

Haneul was awarded an NIH NRSA F31 via the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for her project “Investigating the disaggregation of stress-induced phase-separated poly(A)-binding protein (Pab1) by its cognate disaggregation system”! Congratulations to Haneul!

New review on phase separation
15 Mar 2019 by dad

Our review on how cells use the process of phase separation for sensing, rather than its products, was just accepted at JBC. Congratulations to Haneul and Cat!

Chris Katanski defends his thesis
15 Feb 2019 by dad

Chris successfully defended his thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Katanski, for causing eukaryotic cells to give up their stressful secrets!

Jared Bard joins the lab
04 Sep 2018 by dad

Jared got his Ph.D. in Andy Martin’s lab at Berkeley working on the mechanisms of proteasome function.

Sammy Keyport joins the lab
19 Jul 2018 by dad

Sammy is a graduate student in GGSB, the Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology graduate program.

Josh Riback defends his thesis
13 Jun 2018 by dad

Josh successfully defended his thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Riback, our first lab graduate at The University of Chicago! Josh is off to a postdoc at Princeton with Cliff Brangwynne’s group.

Allan is a 2018 Scialog Fellow
29 May 2018 by dad

Allan has been named a 2018 Scialog Fellow sponsored by Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, for the Chemical Machinery of Life initiative.

Allan is promoted with tenure
15 Dec 2017 by dad

Today Allan received tenure at UChicago, with promotion to Associate Professor effective July 1, 2018.

Allan receives BIV junior faculty award
12 Dec 2017 by dad

Allan has received the 2018 Biopolymers In Vivo Junior Faculty Award from the BIV subgroup of the Biophysical Society.

Chris wins poster prize
05 Nov 2017 by dad

Chris won a poster prize for his work on the function of a phase-separating protein at our cluster retreat. Congratulations, Chris!

Josh wins a Harper Fellowship
26 May 2017 by dad

Josh has been awarded a William Rainey Harper Dissertation Fellowship for his final year. This award, for achievement and professional promise, is one of the University of Chicago’s highest honors. Congratulations, Josh!

Allan receives Distinguished Investigator award
24 May 2017 by dad

Allan was named the junior Distinguished Investigator for the Biological Sciences Division’s 2017 faculty awards.

'How heat kills cells'
16 May 2017 by dad

A beautiful article in Quanta Magazine features our recent work!

New paper on stress-triggered phase separation
09 Mar 2017 by dad

Our paper on adaptive phase separation is out!

Haneul's a Ph.D. candidate
13 Feb 2017 by dad

Haneul passed her first committee meeting with colors a-flying, so she’s on her way to a doctorate!

Haneul passes her prelim
02 Sep 2016 by dad

She’s official! Haneul passed her prelim in Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics.

HSF1 perspective in Molecular Cell
07 Jul 2016 by dad

Cat and Allan preview new results on Heat Shock Factor 1 from the Denic lab in Molecular Cell.

Haneul Yoo joins the lab
08 Jun 2016 by dad

Haneul is a graduate student in Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics.

A CBC Catalyst award to study asymmetric inheritance
28 Apr 2016 by dad

With Laura Lackner’s group’ at Northwestern, we’ve just been awarded two years of collaborative funding to study how older cells retain stress-triggered aggregates by tethering aggregates to organelles. Thanks to the Chicago Biomedical Consortium, and the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust, for this Catalyst award.

3D printing yeast and stress granules
25 Jan 2016 by dad

Scientific American produced a video of Allan discussing a merger of cell biology and art: 3D printing a budding yeast cell with heat-shock granules.

Cat passes her prelim
08 Dec 2015 by dad

She’s official! Cat passed her prelim in the Biophysics program.

More coverage of our aggregation paper
03 Dec 2015 by dad

The Scientist features our study as an Editor’s Choice in Molecular and Cell Biology.

Coverage of our aggregation paper
06 Oct 2015 by dad

Our paper on heat-induced protein aggregation is featured by Chemical & Engineering News and Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.

New paper on stress-induced protein aggregation
10 Sep 2015 by dad

Our paper on protein aggregation is out. Huge team effort, with results that surprised us.

Allan wins W.J. Youden award
10 Aug 2015 by dad

With collaborators in the Airoldi Lab, Allan receives the 2015 W.J. Youden Award from the American Statistical Association for a paper on gene regulation.

Perspective in Cell
04 Jun 2015 by dad

Edward and Allan preview new results from the Steinmetz lab in Cell.

Alexandra wins the L.J. Henderson thesis prize
27 May 2015 by dad

Alexandra’s thesis has won the Lawrence J. Henderson Prize, given to the most meritorious thesis submitted to the Board of Tutors in Biochemical Sciences at Harvard.

EMBO poster prize
13 May 2015 by dad

Allan accepts a Best Poster prize at the 2015 EMBO meeting “Molecular chaperones: From molecules to cells and misfolding diseases.”

Alexandra wins Hoopes thesis prize
07 May 2015 by dad

Alexandra is one of the winners of Harvard’s Hoopes Prize for her thesis “A regulatory model of heat shock by protein assembly.”

New PLOS Genetics paper
17 Apr 2015 by dad

Our paper on the relationship between mRNA and protein levels was accepted at PLOS Genetics.

Edward awarded CBC postdoc grant
09 Apr 2015 by dad

Edward is awarded a CBC Postdoctoral Research Grant to do high-throughput sequencing.

Edward wins ASBMB poster prize
01 Apr 2015 by dad

Edward wins the ASBMB Best Thematic Poster prize in the theme area “Protein Nonfolding as a Regulatory Phenomenon” at the 2015 ASBMB annual meeting.

New PLOS Biology paper
09 Dec 2014 by dad

Our paper on how a nutrient drives changes in protein encoding at the genome scale is out in PLOS Biology.

BIG Seed award
25 Nov 2014 by dad

We’ve been awarded a Big Ideas Generator (BIG) Seed Award.

Chris Katanski joins the lab
01 Aug 2014 by dad

Chris is a graduate student in Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics.

Josh wins an NSF fellowship
01 Apr 2014 by dad