Hendrik Glauninger

Former graduate student

Hendrik was an MSTP (Medical Scientist Training Program) student in the Biophysics program at the University of Chicago and a medical student in the Pritzker School of Medicine. He was jointly advised by Tobin Sosnick, and studied stress-induced biomolecular condensation of mRNAs and proteins from the biophysical behavior of individual transcripts to whole-transcriptome regulatory phenomena. He successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation in July 2023, and is now continuing his medical studies.


Transcriptome-wide mRNA condensation precedes stress granule formation and excludes stress-induced transcripts

An adaptive biomolecular condensation response is conserved across environmentally divergent species

HDX-MS finds that partial unfolding with sequential domain activation controls condensation of a cellular stress marker

Stressful steps: Progress and challenges in understanding stress-induced mRNA condensation and accumulation in stress granules