Edward W. J. Wallace

Group leader
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Dr. Wallace did his postdoctoral work in the Drummond Lab at the University of Chicago in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Dr. Wallace then was a Marie Curie fellow at The University of Edinburgh, working with Guido Sanguinetti and Jean Beggs. He then founded the [Wallace Lab][https://ewallace.github.io/] as a Henry Dale Fellow and group leader at The University of Edinburgh.

Dr. Wallace received his Ph.D. in Mathematics, also at the University of Chicago, working with Jack Cowan on stochastic dynamics of biological networks. He joined the Drummond Lab, then at the FAS Center for Systems Biology, in 2010.


Daily cycles of reversible protein condensation in cyanobacteria

Reversible, specific, active aggregates of endogenous proteins assemble upon heat stress

Dying mRNA tells a story of its life

A nutrient-driven tRNA modification alters translational fidelity and genome-wide protein coding across an animal genus

Estimating selection on synonymous codon usage from noisy experimental data